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Rockville, MD Civil Litigation Lawyers

Insurance Defense in Rockville, MD

Walker, Murphy & Nelson, LLP, is primarily an insurance defense law firm serving the Rockville, MD area.  We count among our many clients national and international insurance companies with product lines including professional liability, automobile, homeowners, and commercial lines.

Centrally located outside Washington, D.C., our office serves clients in Rockville, MD and the surround areas.

We work with clients facing a variety of litigation needs:

  • Automobile liability
  • Homeowner’s claims
  • Commercial liability claims
  • Construction litigation
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability claims

Rockville, MD Trial Lawyers

Trial & Arbitration Results in Rockville, MD

The attorneys at Walker, Murphy & Nelson, LLP are experienced and successful litigators.  We pride ourselves on our strong, impressive history of trial results and maintain our litigation skills with an active practice in the Rockville, MD area.  As a testament to our experience, attorneys D.Elizabeth Walker, John J. Murphy, and Scott D. Nelson have each tried more than 100 trials over the course of their respective careers.  And their trial experience is not limited to traditional trials before judges and juries, but include victories in binding arbitrations which have become an increasingly popular alternative for litigants seeking a more cost and time effective means of resolving disputes.

Maryland and Washington, D.C. Courts & Regulatory Boards

Our experience is not just limited to the courtroom.  Our attorneys are also experienced representing their clients before various license and regulatory boards such as:

  • Maryland Health Care Alternative Dispute Resolution Office
  • Maryland Board of Physicians
  • Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners
  • Maryland Board of Nursing
  • Maryland Board of Physical Therapy
  • D.C. Board of Dentistry
  • D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings
  • D.C. Board of Professional Counseling
  • D.C. Board of Occupational Therapy

The Health Care Alternative Dispute Resolution Office, along with the various licensing boards, are all statutorily created. Each one is different, with varying rules, regulations, rights, and appellate procedures.  Appearing before the Boards is also unique in that, typically, the Administrative Procedures Act, rather than the Rules of Civil Procedure, are controlling.  Whether you have received a preliminary inquiry, or are the subject of a full investigation, having knowledgeable legal counsel to navigate the process is key.

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Knowing When to Litigate

Our attorneys spend considerable time in the Rockville, MD courtrooms and before disciplinary or regulatory boards—that’s often because we first meet clients at a time when their legal situation has progressed to the point that they require firm advocacy.

In certain situations, though, litigation is an unnecessary expense. Knowing when to litigate, versus knowing when to explore alternatives to litigation, can save clients considerable time, expense and sleepless nights. That is why having experienced counsel is critical to an efficient, client specific, resolution of your unique legal situation.

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